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I'm Feeling Queer Today!

Season One Show Transcripts

Season One  Official Trailer Transcript

Episode #1 Transcript

Episode #2 Transcript

IFQT: Official Trailer


Eric: Queer is my favorite word to describe myself just because it says I'm not who you expect I am. 

Alex Masse: Only upon realizing that I liked women, did I start feeling comfortable presenting femininely. 

Sam Baker: One of the things that is so important to nurturing my queer self is being patient and allowing myself to change and to evolve.

Claire: Every day I give myself more room to celebrate my own queerness. Every day. I thank the 15 year old girl who was brave enough to be honest about her feelings. 

Alex Masse: Queer youth have a lot to teach the world about what it means to be fully human. Now is the time that we get to share our stories in our own words.

Z: I hated masculinity from the start. Femininity is. Just being a complete and total comfort and one with yourself. 

Samuel Smalls, Jr.: Once I got older and I realized who I was, it was so liberating. I felt like I do not have to [00:01:00] pretend anymore. 

Ovo: It's a really liberating feeling, finally standing your truth.

Alex Masse: I'm Alex. Join us for I'm Feeling Queer Today. Produced and voiced by a team of creative young adults across North America, each episode is a combination of true storytelling. interviews, and thought provoking discussions that center young queer voices in the national conversation around LGBTQIA rights, culture, and activism. 

Paras: That was the moment when I was like, oh, I just told 100 people from three different schools that I'm queer and I haven't done that before.

Ari: If I change my labels, if I change my pronouns, that is not delegitimizing who I was. It's all the more so honoring that version of myself. 

Alex Masse: I'm feeling queer today. Subscribe, listen, and learn why the self expression of queer youth is a declaration for a better future for us all. 

Jax: Pride means showing the world that we are still here. That no matter how much you beat us down or kick us out, we're still here and nothing is going to change [00:02:00] that.

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