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Media Projects

The Future Perfect Project amplifies the voices of LGBTQIA+ youth by offering creative opportunities to make their own work, producing media projects by and about the youth we serve, and broadcasting a vision of a future only they can see.


Queer Youth Animated

An episodic series of two-minute films featuring diverse stories of the queer experience told by the youth themselves, animated by an entirely LGBTQIA+ team of professionals, most of whom identify closely to the interview subject.

Throughout 2020 & 2021, The Future Perfect Project interviewed queer youth about their lives, giving them the opportunity to talk about such topics as coming out, blended families, relationships, peer acceptance, homophobia, activism, and more. The interviews are edited to two-minute portraits, then animated and scored by an entirely LGBTQIA+ team of professionals, most of whom identify closely to the subject. The result is this series of short animated documentaries that depict the very essence of the generation.
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Take action and spread the word about Queer Youth Animated by downloading and viewing our QYA ACTION AND DISCUSSION GUIDES, one for youth ages 13-22, and another for parents, educators, and facilitators.

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The Future Perfect Project:

Our sophomore full-length album of twelve original songs written and recorded by LGBTQIA+ youth as part of the Future Perfect Records residency; and professionally produced, mixed, and mastered by an all-queer team.

Previous releases on Future Perfect Records include our debut full length album and debut EP, available to stream on all platforms. So many of our alumni have continued releasing new music, records, videos and shows of their own! Check out this Spotify playlist for up-to-date alumni releases.

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Queer Qomics

The Future Perfect Project provides a chance for participants to turn their kryptonite into their superpower by creating empowering animations that center themselves as the heroes.

Within this workshop, write their own superhero stories based on their experiences navigating the world as LGBTQIA+ young people, and ultimately turning their tragedy into triumph, their self-consciousness into self-confidence and their pain into power. 

Super Queeroes

Tired of their middle school’s policies on gender and sexuality, Ian and Tristan use their superpowers in order to secure a gender-neutral bathroom in their school and a much-needed curriculum change in their heteronormative sex-ed class.


The Empowering Adventures of Levi & Sammy

The Anti-Queer Ableist has been wreaking havoc on the city, destroying initiatives put in place for the disabled population. For Levi, this is deeply personal, and so he and his best friend, Sammy, both transgender young men, use their superpowers to put a stop to the AQA’s destruction.


Coming July 2023


FPP Live

An Instagram Live series featuring one-on-one interviews with notable LGBTQIA+ icons.

Between 2020-2021, The Future Perfect Project presented FPP Live, an exclusive Instagram series that introduced young people to LGBTQIA+ artists, musicians, actors, and activists. Past guests include: Todrick Hall, Zachary Quinto, Rahne Jones, Isabelle McCalla, Bob The Drag Queen, Theo Germaine, Frankie Grande, Alison Bechdel and many others.
“From the age of 13 I was online finding other LGBTQ artists who [said], ‘what you have to say is important.’ No one in my life was saying that. That is the magic of queer and trans young people... amidst that oppression, they are enduring, surviving and creating.”
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