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the Voices of Queer Youth


While lawmakers are working overtime to pass laws and propose measures to limit the self-expression of queer youth in schools and communities, The Future Perfect Project is encouraging the next generation to speak their truth and sing their songs of tomorrow.

Now more than ever,
we need their vision of a better world.

The self-expression of LGBTQIA+ youth is a declaration of a better future for us all.

We produce & facilitate creative workshops, media projects, and performance opportunities for LGBTQIA+ youth & allies, ages 13-22.


What's your superpower?

"Hope. A never ending hope that the future holds amazing things."

—Juliana, In-Person Workshop Participant

New Haven Academy, CT 

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Writer's Room
Tell your story. Join us for our free, open-invitation, bi-monthly writing workshop that focuses on developing writing skills and providing tools for creatives of all backgrounds and experiences.
Future Perfect Records
Sing your song. Future Perfect Records is a 8-month, online, application-based program for LGBTQIA+ singer-songwriters, producers, and musicians ages 14-22.
The Podcast Project:
"I'm Feeling Queer Today!"
Speak your mind. Be a part of our original podcast, I'm Feeling Queer Today!, fully produced and created by LGBTQ+ youth.

View Our Media Kit

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Praise from our partners

"I can honestly say that we weren't prepared for the depth of love, empathy, and genuine care that The Future Perfect Project gave to our youth over two days. I feel that many of our youth experienced a sense of healing provided by the activities that FPP shared. We love The Future Perfect Project!"
Deb Foreman
Uplift LGBTQ+ Youth Outreach Center
Spartanburg, SC

Amplified, Animated and Affirmed

We broadcast the messages of queer youth in their own words through original animated shorts, music albums, and original creative writing and poetry.

As featured in

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What our participants say



A lot of these workshops have helped me, not "get over,” but face a lot of trauma I have, and helped me cope with it. And I’ve met a lot of people who I would consider friends…and family!



FPP has done so much for me... I’ve made friends on the other side of the country and gained a sense of community that I hadn’t had before. It has helped me grow as an artist and a person, and has provided me a safe space to feel my feelings as queerly as I want.



Doing this workshop [has] made me so much more comfortable in my vulnerability. I owe a lot to all FPP. It has changed my life so much, and I’m just so insanely grateful...

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